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Jensen Ackles Stillness

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Jensen Ackles icon challenge

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Welcome to JensenStillness!
This is a challenge community for non-animated Jensen Ackles icons. New challenges will run weekly unless otherwise stated and occasionally theme challenges will take place. Feel free to join to participate and/or vote, but don't forget to read the rules before advancing. Thank you, and have a great time.

Monday Winners of previous challenge will be announced.
Friday evening at 10 PM EST Icons for the current challenge are due in.
Saturday Mornings Voting will be put up, which will run through Monday morning.
New challenge will be announced.

Rules, Standards, Format
-You must be a member to submit icons.
-Icons must be new, nothing previously posted anywhere else.
-You may only use the images posted for the week's challenge.
-You may blend more than one image, but only using the images posted. You cannot add any other images to your icon.
-Brushes, textures and backgrounds are okay. NO ANIMATED ICONS.
-Your icons must feature JENSEN. If the image is of Dean and Sam, it can feature Dean, or Dean and Sam, but not just Sam.
-Please submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post, those comments will be screened.
-Do not use Imageshack to host your images. It is too unreliable. Use Photobucket instead.
-Do not post your challenge icons anywhere else on the web until the challenge is over.
-Your icons must meet Livejournal standards (no bigger than 100x100 and 40KB).
-Your icons must be submitted in the following format: http://www.imageurl.com/

If you would like a banner please let us know at the post in which the winners are posted. Please let us know what username you would like it to go to. If you do not specify, it will reflect the username with which you entered.

-Voting will take place on Saturday and Sunday.
-Please don't send your friends to vote for your icons, also please don't vote for yourself.
-Votes will be screened.
-Anonymous votes will not be counted.
-You can't vote for yourself.
-Vote for your top three favorites in order, as well as Most Original and Best Crop. Details are in the voting post.
-You may only vote once.

Affiliates & Mods
Check out our awesome affiliates below!
If you're interested in affiliating, drop us a comment here.

Your mods are:
raths_kitten and mizra
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