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05 August 2012 @ 10:07 pm
Challenge #290  
Early Shoots
Icons due Saturday, August 11th 18th at 11 am EST.
Images from Desiring Jensen.

Rules & Images
- You must be a member to submit icons.
- Icons must be new, nothing previously posted anywhere else.
- You may only use the images posted for the week's challenge.
- Blending of more than one of the images provided is allowed. Adding new images is not.
- NO ANIMATED ICONS. This is a stillness challenge.
- Your icon must be of Jensen. It can have other people in it, but Jensen must be in it, too!
- Please submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post, those comments will be screened.
- Do not post your challenge icons anywhere else on the web until the challenge is over.
- Your icons must meet livejournal standards (100x100 or smaller, less than 40KB).
- You can enter up to a total of 3 icons per challenge.
- Your icons must be submitted in the following format:


-If your entry does not meet these standards, it will not be valid.

click to see the full-sized image.